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Antoine Albiousse company was build in 1910 and bears the name of the founding family, after the great French textile northern families and Picardy.

In 1960 the company formed an industrial center and a publishing arm. However, falls into the hands of Ducrocq family, then following transmissions and family alliances, in the hands of Sylvie Vévert. Well, for party edition, the latter entrusting her husband Guillaume Sarkozy, the industrial branch (Weaving Picardy).

Today Antoine Albiousse is defining as an upholstery fabric editor and built its collections in close partnership with French and European manufacturers.

Throughout its history, Antoine Albiousse always remained very classic in the design of its collections and still retains background document silks, tapestries, and velvet of Genoa that remain timeless.

In parallel, a more contemporary collection is improving over the years since 2000 by the leaders of the time.

Reprise in 2007 by Antoine d’Albiousse, with an experience of twenty years in the publishing of upholstery. It welcomes you in a showroom near the Place des Victoires in Paris, with its logistics site in Normandy.

The old classic collections maintaining and the current collection takes an even more pronounced shift toward a classical-contemporary style while staying in the high end, creating a growing attraction by decorators and interior designers in France and around the World.

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