Anne Hauck Collection thrives on providing the highest quality custom designed furnishings, lighting, and accessories styled. Founder, Anne Hauck, collecting fine antiques for nearly a decade prior to launching her collection in 2003.

Inspired by the antiques that she has collected throughout her life. Anne Hauck’s aim was to create high-end and fully customizable Art Deco furniture. However, the dimensions, woods, veneers, details,

and designs are all tailored to the tastes of the individual client. They can be as simple as a black lacquer side chair or feature highly advance technological solutions to cleverly conceal unsightly modern necessities like flat-screen televisions, electrical outlets, or docks for digital devices.

Moreover, the pieces from the Anne Hauck Collection are from a rigorous process that guarantees the highest quality of materials and structure. They begin with the selection of rare and beautiful materials. Next, all work is performed by expert craftsmen and artisans who are formally educated in specialized areas of furniture production. Furthermore, the artisans work within different divisions in the factory, each purpose-built for the specific task at hand. The result is a piece that is elegant, harmonious, and ready for a lifetime of everyday enjoyment. The dedication to their outstanding quality is evident in their attention to detail and the tradition of craftsmanship.