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Sometime in the summer of 1995, three friends – Bob, Raja and Dada – got together in a greasy-spoon joint called ‘Mug’s Up’ and discussed ways to write off their lunches together. They pooled their resources and decided to do what they knew about and were good at – selling silk fabrics to the interior decorating trade.

Bob, now retired, chose the name ‘Catania Silks’ for their collection after a pretty
little isle in the Greek archipelago he had just visited. Cecile Bradbury helped them design their first collection of silk fabrics.

Raja and Dada opened a silk mill in Bangalore, India in 1997 (with partner K.R.
Prakash) to better cater to the needs of their customers, and to keep up with the
growing demand. Now, at another production facility, the Indian company has state-of-the-art new shuttle-less looms to enable them to produce and market more elaborate and intricate designs.

More than ten years and two moves later, They is still doing what it has
always done well – catering to the interior decorating trade with a whole new world of fine fabrics and accessories.