A warm and sophisticated kitchen fully designed and embodied by Louis Beltran and the team. In this design, especially for the cabinet doors, the combination of materials and textures is appreciated uniquely. Polished bronze, textured brass, cold-rolled steel, and granite all play a role. #surfacesbybelt #weforgeyourdreams #bybelt Click here


The sculptural architectural metal pieces of this inspiring project evoke the true classic architecture while blending craftsmanship ornaments with soft clean lines. The project stars a contrasting bronze finishes; the front entrance door has a medium-light patina while the stair combines both the dark and ultra-light, creating a very enriching contrast. #bybelt #craftmanship #weforgeyourdreams #traditionalarchitecture Click here


Waves inspired by the different ocean tides. Wall cladding pieces hand made using photoengraving techniques and hand-applied patinas. Pieces shown in Cold Rolled Steel; available in bronze, aluminum and copper. #bybelt #weforgeyourdrems #patterns #textures #patinas #artwall #interiordesign #touchbyBELT Click here