Beauty: A to Z
A to Z is a motto of completion; our design direction fuses elegant furniture and intelligent color schemes to create a layered look while stunning silk drapery panels with bib swag overlays tie the room together.
Dream Room
This Regent penthouse has an incredible 180-degree view of the Gulf Coast and now experiences sunsets like never before. Custom scalloped cornices with tableaux overlays, luxurious wall-to-wall silk drapery, and chenille upholstered custom-built furniture complete the room.

Florida Blinds and Drapery is sought after by top designers, architects and developers throughout the United States and Latin America to assist them in turning their concepts into reality. Whether it’s a commercial or residential motorized shade system that synchronizes with a total home automation control system, or a sophisticated multi-layered drapery treatment in metal chain, string or beads. Florida Blinds and Drapery work is masterfully hand-crafted. Their comprehensive work room services to the trade include, but are not limited to measuring, design consultation, fabrication and installation. Their window designers, skilled work room craftsmen and installation technicians are highly trained in the latest techniques to meet today’s modern design standards.

Product Lines

BRIMAR Website www.brimarinc.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery “For nearly three decades Brimar has built an innovative line of decorative trimmings and drapery hardware cultivating signature designs in residential and commercial spaces. Renowned as a leader in the interior design industry, Brimar provides inspiration to transform your vision into reality. As a client, you will receive breadth of product, well-appointed design, endless color possibilities and exceptional quality and value – all hallmarks of the Brimar […]
CASCADE COIL Website www.cascadecoil.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc. of Tualatin, Oregon, manufactures flexible woven wire fabric for architectural applications, safety, animal containment, and is a supplier to the hearth market. We have assisted thousands of customers by providing creative design solutions. At the core of our organization is the sincere desire to promote and encourage new applications. Our product line of wire fabric has sparked the creativity and ingenuity of […]
CATANIA Website www.cataniasilk.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Sometime in the summer of 1995, three friends – Bob, Raja and Dada – got together in a greasy-spoon joint called ‘Mug’s Up’ and discussed ways to write off their lunches together. They pooled their resources and decided to do what they knew about and were good at – selling silk fabrics to the interior decorating trade. Bob, now retired, chose the name ‘Catania Silks’ for their […]
COULISSE Website en.coulisse.nl Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Our blinds collection includes a wide range of different qualities. From translucent to blackout and from basic to high quality. Besides jacquards collection includes stylish print designs and timeless natural products. New to the range is a collection project which should include items with a nice wool and cotton look.
FABRICUT Website www.fabricut.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Fabricut is one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world; the brand designers depend on for everyday decorating. We are a quality driven company providing home furnishing fabrics and accessories of exceptional design and value to the interior design industry. Our devotion to supplying exquisite fabrics and trimmings is 60 years strong and continues with a daily commitment to develop exclusive products […]
FOREST GROUP Website www.forestgroup.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Forest Drapery Hardware is an importer of drapery products to enhance your view on the world. Beginning with state-of-the-art drapery track systems from the Netherlands you will find only the highest quality in all of our products. We are especially proud to offer you a “moving view” by combining our track system with the Forest Shuttle motor. This system operates by a simple touch to the […]
HUNTER DOUGLAS Website www.hunterdouglas.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Well-designed window fashions do more than simply cover a window. At Hunter Douglas, form and function are inseparable. Great design is beautiful to live with, provides variable light control, insulates rooms against heat and cold while saving energy, protects your furnishings from damaging UV rays, and even absorbs sound, improving the acoustics in a room. And, our advanced operating systems make using our products a pleasure […]


J L ANTHONY Design Services | South Florida Design Park
J L ANTHONY Website www.jlanthony.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery From it’s humble but hard-working origins as two partners installing draperies (from a station wagon) in the 1970s, J.L. Anthony has become the premier provider of custom drapery hardware in the United States. “When we (with partner Bruce Lancaster) started growing our drapery business, we found a huge void in high-end hardware, says Philip Clemmons. You’d have these remarkable fabrics ready for installation, and very […]


KIRSCH Design Services | South Florida Design Park
KIRSCH Website www.kirsch.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery The Kirsch brand dates back to the invention of the first flat curtain rod and the first telescoping rod by Charles Kirsch in 1907. Today, Kirsch is noted for a fashion forward line of Blinds & Shades, Decorative Hardware and Basic Hardware. The company was organized for the purpose of perfecting, manufacturing and patenting the simplest and most serviceable rods for modern draping needs. Being distinctive in […]


LE FER FORGE Design Services | South Florida Design Park
LE FER FORGE Website www.leferforge.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Le Fer Forge Drapery Hardware manufactures the finest in iron, aluminum and stainless steel drapery hardware for interior and exterior installations. As an industry leader, our clients rely on us to provide functionality, high quality, unique craftsmanship and innovation all within a timeline and budget that satisfies our client’s needs. We are an American manufacturer to the wholesale trade only. Thanks to an unwavering commitment […]


LUTRON Design Services | South Florida Design Park
LUTRON Website www.lutron.com Showroom Florida Blinds and Drapery Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. As a private corporation guided by our founder’s simple but profound Five Principles, Lutron has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations. The Lutron story began in the late 1950s in Joel Spira’s makeshift lab in New York City. A young physicist fascinated by the aesthetic manipulation of light, Spira commandeered the spare bedroom in the apartment he […]


QMOTION Design Services | South Florida Design Park
QMOTION Websitewww.qmotionshades.com ShowroomFlorida Blinds and Drapery When it comes to building a world-class company for automated window treatments, you need an inventor, someone who tweaks and tinkers late into the night because he’s fascinated by the elements that must be tamed and he’s excited by the challenge of fine-tuning products into perfection. In our case, that dedicated investigator of all things industrial is Willis Mullet, who founded QMotion Incorporated after spending many years improving garage […]


SOLYX Websitewww.decorativefilms.com ShowroomFlorida Blinds and Drapery Started in 1979 as a glass coating company, Decorative Films, LLC, grew out of the solar control window tinting industry. The need for quality decorative glass enhancement privacy films has and is becoming more and more popular and Decorative Films, LLC is able to supply the broadest range of decorative films available today at the most competitive prices under our own registered Trademarks, SOLYX® and SimGlas®. Our reputation for […]


SOMFY Websitewww.somfypro.com ShowroomFlorida Blinds and Drapery Somfy is the world leader in the design and manufacture of specialized motors and electronic controls for interior and exterior window coverings. With Somfy products, users experience a better quality of life and have more time to enjoy life’s daily pleasures. Since its creation in 1969, Somfy has been offering products with unsurpassed performance which reflect years of innovation and development. The result is a reputation for state of […]
TREND Website www.trendmicro.com/en_us/business.html ShowroomFlorida Blinds and Drapery Founded by Gianni Tonin longer than thirty years ago, Tonin Casa was always passionate, elegant and willing to research the latest novelties, within Art Décor. In 1975, it mainly worked on shoe racks and classical furniture. The first catalogue regarding those products was released in 1982. Success, and the always increasing trust given by its customers, were keys to the initial production of contemporary furniture, in the nineties: […]


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