FOX LINTON Design Services | South Florida Design Park


The ethos at the heart of Fox Linton is to create understated yet luxurious fabrics sourced from the best British traditions of making fine textiles. Each stage of production is executed by experts in their field using natural yarns and employing processes that are as eco-friendly as possible and that respect a heritage that dates back centuries. We wanted to create fabrics that are tactile and as beautiful to feel as they are to look at. The collections celebrate craftsmanship and represent design that is timeless and enduring.

The Fox Linton showroom offers a fresh and welcoming space with natural light. Our collections and distributor brands are displayed in a friendly and luxurious setting with an atmosphere of space and calmness, allowing visitors to see and experience the detail and quality of our collections in comfort.

The Fox Linton fabric collections are created with great care throughout to ensure a smart, sophisticated look with a beautiful handle and drape, while ensuring the end products are practical and durable. Kathleen Butler, our ex-RCA designer, says, “ever since my early career working in a mill in Northern Ireland I have had a passion for authenticity in design, so it has given me immense pleasure to work on the Fox Linton collections with so many gifted people and impeccable materials.”

Fox Linton has its own warehouse, “The Company Shed”, which is dedicated to stock holding, same-day dispatch of samples and the efficient fulfillment of orders.