FRET FABRIC Design Services | South Florida Design Park


The firm takes its name in honor of one of the oldest yet timelessly modern design elements. The FRET design is an ornamental pattern of small, straight bars intersecting or joining one another, usually at right angles. The Greek Key is a great example. The firm blends quiet and luxury offerings in an ephemeral palette for decorating today’s modern interiors. Our boutique offerings of smartly tailored custom fabrics offer quality, value and modernity, which are the Fret Fabrics style.

Founded in 2010, Fret Fabrics is a luxury design house based in New York City. Fret Fabrics sells through the professional trade which includes architects, interior designers and historic consultants. Fret Fabrics is unrivaled when it comes to historic reproductions and has the artistic and technical expertise to recreate any fabric, wallpaper or trim back to life, often times only working from period black and white photographs. With a unique access to the best archives and museums around the world Fret Fabrics has an infinite degree of inspiration.