GREGORIUS PINEO Design Services | South Florida Design Park


Respect for heritage, sophistication, and luxury has been the standard for Gregorius Pineo since its inception over thirty years ago. Each piece of furniture, lighting, or accessory is produced individually and custom made to order. With unique uses of materials, designs, and incomparable finishes, Gregorius Pineo offers design professionals new ways of exploring creativity and communicating authenticity to any interior space.

A decade ago, founders René Gregorius and Stephanie Pineo bestowed their company to now creative director and President, George Massar, whose trusted vision they recognized would bring a fresh perspective while remaining true to the essence of their venerable name. Massar brought their trust to fruition, exploring new styles and original finishes to express a multitude of modern styles.

Gregorius Pineo’s regard for luxury is expressed in their passion of interpretation, craftsmanship, and rendering of detail. This revered line, forever a staple in home furnshings, creates quality and luxury through bespoke craftsmanship and unrivaled materials.