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After a period at the Palazzo Labia Luigi Bevilacqua Srl it is established in its current location of the Holy Cross, where the old frames have found their final location. At the headquarters of Venice it is also part of the production, with 25 handlooms still working, warehouse and showroom.

Fully owned by the family, the Bevilacqua has seen in recent years a significant development both nationally and internationally, with a significant increase in sales, thanks to the opening of new markets, the development of production mechanical parallel to the manual and the development of the sector reserved for the hotel contract.

The company, already present in major world markets, is increasing trade relations with those countries strong economic expansion, such as China and the Far East, where the advent of a new wealth has led to the search of exclusive goods placed in band of excellence.

A strong boost will be given to the activity of increasing brand awareness, preserving the nature of a niche product, that has always characterized the collections Bevilacqua.