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International French designer, Philippe Hurel knows how to bring together esthetics, lifestyle, emotions and culture. Right balance between contemporary and design, art and craftmanship, his work highlights the intelligence of the hand. He received the Bettencourt price which rewards since 1999 the know-how, the creativity and the innovation in the field of art professions.

In 1911, near Paris, Maurice Gouget (Philippe Hurel’s grandfather) established the Fabrique de Meubles de Coulombs. He began by producing bar and café counters to measure. Later he progressed to Louis XVI style bedroom and dining suites. These creations quickly gained in popularity and became desirable wedding dowries and family heirlooms.In1968, Philippe Hurel takes his first steps in the family business. Two years later he takes over the running of the company. Having worked his way from ground level up, Philippe Hurel provided the spark to ignite the revolution from royal and imperial to a contemporary style. Neither capricious nor given to edicts but rather endowed with an eye for the contemporary, Philippe Hurel espoused the strength of conviction to combine traditional craftsmanship with present day aesthetics. Robust, virile, elegant and enthusiastic, his style was forged and affirmed in this dramatic but ultimately necessary break with the past.