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Zak + Fox Cimaruta Textiles

Our company started with the vision of an iconic, storied duo: that of a boy and his dog, darting off to traverse the globe and seek adventure. It’s one that charms us; we believe that it holds a bit of magic.

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Living Room Sofa and Couches

The Zimmer & Rohde label presents itself as a variation of the modern classic. Carefully coordinated colours and subtly combined designs exude long-lived and timeless elegance. Every atmosphere whether a belle époque villa or minimalist home, can be i ...

Zodax Glass Perfume Bottle
Zodax was founded in 1990 and has grown tremendously in size and scope over the past 29 years. Today, the company is a recognized leader in the development, design and distribution of home decorative accessories. The versatility and depth of the Zodax line ...


Based in Rixheim since 1797 in an antique headquarter of the Teutonic Knights, the ZUBER Factory still print its wallpapers, fabrics and leather using antique and tradtional woodblocks printing method. Who makes its last factory in the world to use this m ...

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