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Molly Cones Living Room Design

Molly Cones interiors is based in Jacksonville, FL, and serves clients across the United States. Molly’s distinct style has been recognized by local and national publications and is often described as organic, clean and sophisticated.

When you work with Molly, the overwhelming guesswork and endless choices get removed from the design process. She takes care and effort to match the space to its environment, functionality and the personality of the users. In her experience, many people forget how much their personal space affects their life. Her goal in every project is to have your space tell a story about your life: where you have been, where you’re going, your dreams, your visions.

Molly believes everybody deserves a beautiful space, a sanctuary, and a safe haven, where they feel comfort and peace. As a home owner, you go out in the day, and you experience sensory overload.

When you come home, it should bring you back to you.

Meet Molly

MollyCones, Owner and DesignerMolly Cones is the owner and designer for Molly Cones interiors. Molly’s diverse background in science and fine arts has led to her love of organic design and is evident in her signature use of natural, simple materials in every project. She has a unique ability to purify and refine cultural design from around the world and use simplistic forms to create pleasing, minimalistic interiors.

Molly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from London Metropolitan University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and pre-medicine from Longwood University. She is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the oldest, largest and leading professional organization for interior designers.

Molly’s main inspiration in designing a new interior are the individuals who dwell in the space. She bridges the gap between unique personalities and expression of those traits within the home.

Contact Molly to learn more about the design process and how she can help create a space reflective of you.

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