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Dining Table by Victoria Hagan

"I strive for graphic, elegant and appropriate interiors," says designer Victoria Hagan. It's a deceptively simple approach to design that Hagan has developed over the years and one that translates gracefully to Victoria Hagan Home Collection, her successful line of furniture, fabric, carpets and accessories.

"Texture, color, and strong silhouettes are Hagan's established trademarks. Far from being drawn to any particular period or style, her work is known for its versatility. "The beauty is in the mix" serves as her mantra. That same perspective distinguishes her growing collections, dubbed "new American classics."

All of these represent a fresh approach with a strong nod to the past. Hagan notes, "form, shape and material, and how these relate to one another, are the essence of good design." It is a view that becomes quickly apparent in the way a richly finished coffee table anchors a room or the curves of a studded wing chair claim the space around it. "My work never has been about dictating one particular style. I'm open to nearly all periods," she states. Victoria Hagan Home Collection reflects that accessibility and was designed to work within the context of an well-designed interior.

"These collections are also centered on the belief that there is elegance to everyday living, and what these collections may do best is celebrate this happy paradox. "So much of today's lifestyle is about family, friends and gathering," observes the designer. "These collections are from the heart. They come from my understanding of the home and what types of furniture work best with the kinds of lifestyles people tend to enjoy today. "What these collections ultimately give you," - says Hagan, "are the easy pieces you need to make a room great."

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