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Wooden Frame Mirror

Our manufacturing began in Brooklyn, NY July 1954 when two craftsmen founded Creative Metal Products, Inc. They put their talents to forge iron and brass in order to supply Cocktail Tables, Bakers Racks, and Chairs for the New York City carriage trade of Lord & Taylor, B. Altman, and Bloomingdales. From these humble beginnings evolved the family owned and operated Creative Metal & Wood, Inc. The factory is no longer in Brooklyn; in fact, after a move across the Hudson River in 1964, New Jersey became home for a 27 year stretch until 1991.

It was then that the decision was made to move factory equipment, personnel, and materials to our current and permanent home into the heart of furniture country, Thomasville, North Carolina.

But geography has not been the only change during our 50 year journey. What had begun as a small collection of steel and brass designs has over the Last 30 years  expanded to include Bakers Racks, Etegeres, Wood Chests, and Buffets, Dining tables, Cocktail and Lamp tables, Consoles, Beds of Steel and Carved Wood,  Chairs,  Bar Stools, Benches, Fabric Wraps, and Mirrors of Wood Frame. Most recently we have added Contemporary Bedroom and Dining pieces of Exotic Wood Veneers.

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