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It is with great pride that we present our Collection.

A limited edition of fascinating bronze sculptures of various designs and sizes. Each sculpture will add a unique touch to any interior or art collection.

Each piece of our collection is hand-cast in the old fashioned way by the artist and then signed and numbered.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship allows us to offer an exclusive line of sculptures whose beauty and excellence endure forever.

THE BEAUTY OF BRONZE – A beautiful paradox –

Bronze’s longevity is so highly regarded that bronze sculptures perdure for generations. At the same time, the appearance of these pieces is constantly changing, reacting to its environment as the colors evolve.

Bronze is an amalgamation of organic and inorganic elements including alloys of tin, copper, zinc or iron introduced as part of the ancient sand-cast or lost wax process by which bronze sculptures are hand crafted. The natural characteristics of this blend produce the capacity for each piece to change and weather with time and exposure to the environment.

Depending on climate and exposure, as well as the different combination of alloys used in a piece, you may see streaks of brown, white, yellow, and green gradually appearing. This is analogous to the effect of weather on sought after copper architectural trims that weather to reveal a multitude of different hues. The natural phenomenon contributes to making these bronze creations so desirable as heirlooms for both home and garden.

Different geographic regions may have different aging and weathering effects. Acid rain, climate characteristics, sunlight’s ultraviolet rays, and even bird droppings will alter the appearance of any bronze piece. Bronze is indeed a “living” medium; this very quality makes it so desirable and so collectible.

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