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De Gournay Wall Designs

De Gournay was conceived to help designers achieve their perfect interior. Whether making a dinner service, an 18th century settee, a Chinoiserie dining room, or a gold-detailed ceiling. It is with immense knowledge and detail that is the strength of de Gournay.

However, its preference is for vibrant, balanced and contrasting colours that create an aura of happiness which will allow clients to relax and be surrounded by beauty after a hectic day. If you prefer monochromes or muted or autumnal colours their artists will work to ensure the end effect is as perfect as possible. Moreover, its painters uses the highest possible skills to help you to create your dreams without imposing their taste on clients. Whatever the scheme, if the realisation is left to de Gournay, their signature attention to detail and quality will always shine through.

Few wallcovering manufacturers will interpret your dreams with the same painstaking attention to detail and the same level or artistic endeavour over such a range of products as de Gournay. The signature of de Gournay is quality in all aspects of their work.

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