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Elegant Living Room Furnitures

Gustav Carroll is a family owned and operated, Los Angeles-based fine furniture business which spans three generations. Following in the footsteps of our grandfather, we can proudly call ourselves a hand crafted and bench made furniture line. Keeping with tradition, we base our work on antique 18th and 19th century designs. We use traditional elements and feel that our furniture can be your heirloom pieces; passed down for generation to come.

We have recently introduced a new collection, Deux Mondes Mobiliers ("Two Worlds"). This line encompasses our unique take on modern styles and the techniques we've mastered in our Gustav Carroll product, drawing from the 30's and 40's era. This is truly two worlds coming together.

Originally from Europe, then Argentina, Gustav Carroll is now at home in Los Angeles, California. We locally produce all our collection from both our Gustav Carroll line and our new Deux Mondes collection. We detail our designs using Old World techniques such as: Marquetry, veneering, water gilding w/ 22kt –12kt gold leafing, hand painting chinoiserie and of course stains and lacquers too.

"Passion, pride and enduring respect for tradition inform furniture-making techniques at Gustav Carroll. Commitment to integrity, aesthetics and work ethic ensure delivery of a superior product."(Design Times Magazine)

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