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Nightstand Table

From the moment Flint Harrison was inspired to create his first table over thirty-eight years ago, Harrison-Van Horn became the industry standard for classic yet timeless designs, featuring uniquely textured lacquered finishes, with a reputation for working with designers in realizing their very specific needs, and an uncompromising dedication to quality, well known across this country and others.

Founded in 1976, Flint Harrison Designs became Harrison-Van Horn when Jay Van Horn joined the company as a partner. Drawing on Flint’s creative talents and Jay’s business acumen, Harrison-Van Horn quickly grew from a few showrooms into a successful business with its much in-demand creations on display in showrooms around the country.

Steve Stone took over the reins of the business in 1989 after the untimely deaths of Flint Harrison and Jay Van Horn, and has remained devoted to Flint’s vision of Harrison-Van Horn as a “family” business, with dedicated craftspeople, who share a common goal: to produce quality furniture and maintain the high level of integrity that has always been associated with Harrison-Van Horn.

“Flint called us the ‘Rolls Royce’ of furniture. It is my intent that each piece lives up to his standard of excellence.” Steve Stone.

Using lacquered grass cloth, exotic reeds, and rare bamboo to provide the incomparable “look” that is Harrison-Van Horn, our product line includes cabinets, tables, desks, armoires, television cabinets, game tables, and consoles. Our reputation for creating one-of-a kind, originals for the most particular of designers is also well known. The ability to make “almost” anything that is thought up and sketched has created our niche in the High-End world of custom-made furniture.

We offer the ability to engineer the most difficult of projects with scaled shop drawing, bringing a vision to reality.

You will find Harrison-Van Horn represented in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Dania Beach, Houston, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Scottsdale, and Washington, DC.

Call 323-263-7495 for a representative near you or for direct service if out of any of these areas.

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