Rene Cazares

Rene Cazares Design Services | South Florida Design Park


In 1984 Rene Cazares began making furniture one piece at a time in his small studio in El Monte, California. That humble operation has since expanded to a 60,000-square-foot Southern California factory, yet Cazares’s passion and obsession with cutting-edge pieces of unparalleled quality persists.

For its stunning, modern indoor pieces RC Furniture uses the best of time honored crafting techniques along with modern furniture construction technology and expert tailoring to mold the finest materials into pieces with superior comfort, style and durability. Rene is constantly searching the globe to assemble the most extensive library of chic, stylish, surprising and inspiring fabrics as well as a vast collection of trimmings, fringes and cords to complement any style.

Whether the piece is a leather sofa, a one-of-a-kind upholstered chair or a kingly custom bed, Cazares’ designs and construction will stand the test of time and fashion.