Founded in 1975, Oggetti Designs has been at the forefront of contemporary design for the past half-century. The line consists of furniture, lighting, and accessories developed with artisans from around the world. Over the last few years, Oggetti’s growth has been fueled by its furniture line, with unique designs from the Philippines and a now a stone and marble collection from Italy. Working with small ateliers, Oggetti is able to showcase its own unique style alongside other highly respected lines including Alexandra Von Furstenberg, Bontempi, and Della Robbia.

Long before the time of the Internet, the Oggetti Designs brand derived from the inspiration to expose Italian design to the American interior design market. All of the high end furniture and accessories were imported and distributed to America. Designers and homeowners loved the pieces so much that Oggetti Designs has become a well-known brand in the industry.
Our brand takes pride in offering unusual and unique pieces. All of our products are handmade and sourced from regions that other companies can’t get to. We aim to offer one of a kind products that can’t be found elsewhere. All of our pieces showcase acute attention to detail.Our goal is always to promote unique designs from new & young talent overseas and expose their designs to the American Market. We are constantly sourcing new products overseas, so you can count on an ever changing inventory to keep you coming back for more. The prices we offer are also unique. When it comes to beautiful pieces that are fun to explore, it seems almost ridiculous to place a price tag, however, we take pride in offering the fairest deals for these works of art.

Have you ever been to a trade show and noticed that almost all the brands look the same? Here at Oggetti Designs we differentiate ourselves. You will know when you see our products because they truly stand out. We are experts who have been in this business for a long while and will make sure our expertise shines throughout your home. We also will ensure that you get the best advice while searching for pieces to finish your interior design with.

We are professionals who know how to decorate. Here are some tips that we feel you should take advantage of today when it comes to the design of your home:

  • Always have at least one conversation piece
  • Do not be afraid of color
  • Show off your personality with each object you bring into your space
When it comes to authentic art pieces that are one of a kind, we are the company to trust. At Oggetti Designs, we are the professionals that will leave your home looking luxurious and elegant. You will be the proud owner of a furnishing or accent piece that is not owned by anyone else in the world. We feature the best high end furniture Miami designers and locals turn to for their interior designs. Call or visit us today for more information. We are located in the United States..

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