THERIEN Design Services | South Florida Design Park


Over twenty years ago, we founded Dessin Fournir and began clarifying our vision of what we wanted Dessin Fournir to be—a business that would bring to market beautifully designed products unrivaled in quality and a company that would offer a level of service unknown in today’s marketplace. Dessin Fournir would not be a look. Rather, we would be a unique resource for a design community that I believe still longs for authentic beauty, quality and service.

That vision has not changed. While economics may tempt one to work more quickly, to build more cheaply, we have chosen to preserve an Old World legacy of craftsmanship elsewhere forgotten. Our collection has expanded, but we continue to be passionate about preserving the traditions of fine furniture making and a way of doing business nearly lost.

Our philosophy of preservation extends beyond the design and manufacture of furniture, lighting and textiles to encompass our choice to base our business in Kansas. Here, we live and work in a small town with a great quality of life, a rural community that we’ve helped to revitalize by creating jobs and renovating downtown buildings, which are now home to thriving shops and cafés. As with design, it’s about being true to what matters.

Trusting our original instincts, Len and I along with the many others at Dessin Fournir remain true to the standards defined at the beginning and to our dedication to design professionals. We will continue to provide the best in home furnishings as well as superior service.