Based in Rixheim since 1797 in an antique headquarter of the Teutonic Knights, the ZUBER Factory still print its wallpapers, fabrics and leather using antique and tradtional woodblocks printing method. Who makes its last factory in the world to use this method from the XVIIIth century for its production. The factory preserve its archives since its orgin (more than 130000 documents) and its tools for production (150000 woodblocks, carved by its workers between 1797 and 1870).

The extrodinary destiny of the ZUBER Factory is to carry on the hand printing wallpaper using the accurate tradition based on evasion, dream and trompe l’oeil. The rythm of the woodblocks hited in the workshop. Calm, stability of the headquarter structure based in the middle a little town can let a feeling of a fixed universe into a kind of eternity, without any disturbing to broke the transmition of secrets of printers generations.